Dear returning and Future Guests!

The house, where Cafe Marvelosa is warmly welcoming all our dear guests, has been built in 1899. After the year of building, it has been running as a restaurant for a long time, the function has only changed in the 50’s.

Our family started furbishing in 2005, the aim was to create a „PLACE” where everybody can have a good time and enjoy themselves. Where they can realize how important it is to stop for a while in our rushed present-days and hectic world. Where not the common and familiar rules of restaurant-hospitality are the musts to follow, but where everybody can feel like arriving home.

Beside the snug, the homely atmosphere, and the tasty home-made domestic dishes, the constant presence of culture and that it shall become part of everyday life has been an importance. Well it be Fine Art, Music, Literature, Theatre or Architecture.

Every part of Cafe Marvelosa & Restaurant have been created with our biggest care, infinite love and our pure hand-work.

Having the trust that our Guests will have their pleasure in it, and will find the most dearest to them that will make them feel that this place has always been here and was part of their life. Either it may be Jusztika’s Home-Made Cottage Cheese-Dumplings, Chagall’s Motza Dumpling Soup or the special offers of the Friday night Colour-Dinners, or simply the place’s love-sheding tranquillity.

We hope that in Marvelosa everybody will take a rest, will fill up, will well suffice, will cheer up. So it will be young or old. Because here we can be ourselves.

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